We All Have 7 Doubles – Have You Met Your Doppelgänger??

7 Billion People – Your Twin Must be Out There?

We’ve heard it said time and time again that apparently there are likely to be as many as 7 other people on the planet that look exactly like YOU.

Understandably nowadays with the explosion of internet, and social media in particular, obstacles such as travel are removed and we are far more likely to come across our own doppelganger (deriving from a German word meaning ‘double walker’).

The photo above was very recently popular on Twitter as a man discovered his own ‘twin stranger’ on a flight and took a selfie to celebrate, and below another pic of a couple of unrelated girls who met on an exchange trip…


From a Paranormal viewpoint, historically seeing or meeting your doppelganger was a very bad omen, and theories of them being demons or even people from parallel universes have been thrown around; but maybe in a world of over 7 billion in population surely there’s just a high statistical chance of there being other people that look just like you?

The first vid we have for you is a fascinating case filmed about a girl called Niamh, who is trying to seek out all 7 of her twin strangers – this has to be seen to be believed!


When you’ve finished that check out the other video which shows various people from history who look the double of some of today’s celebrities – above is John Travolta; Jay Z’s doppelganger from the past is amazing!

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If you want to try and find your own doppelganger try heading over here to find a match!

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