[Video]: Levitating Monk in Nepal – Mind Power or Trickery???

Has this Monk Harnessed The Power of Levitation?

It’s a well known fact that we only use (or access) a small percentage of our brains….. do we have the ability to do more supernatural things if we train and focus??

Levitation has recently been proven to be possible scientifically, albeit with nano-size diamonds in a vacuum (as reported here), but that is a far stretch from a human floating around.

Surely if it was humanly possible to master the art of levitation it would have to be someone deeply spiritual who has years of practice of meditation and  dealing with their ‘inner self’, which is where we turn to this case of the Nepalese Monk who was filmed demonstrating his ‘powers’.

But what about all the magicians who have seemingly pulled off this feat?


In the image above an Indian man is doing a levitation trick, but how on earth does he do it? There don’t appear to be any wires around… but this seems to be put forward as an illusion rather than the monk which is portrayed more as a higher conscience.

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