So… What is a Poltergeist and Are They Real?

This paranormal phenomenon has appeared in stories, movies and — possibly — even reality

The word ‘Poltergeist’ comes from the German word for ‘Noisy Ghost’. They may not be demons or spirits, but they are the type of supernatural phenomenon that you wouldn’t want to come in contact with.

Poltergeists are associated with violent activity, normally this activity focuses on a single person. Generally they’re similar to traditional signs of a haunted house, but are far more aggressive.

Some of the most common signs include:

  • electrical oddities, or electrical items seemingly working on their own
  • knocking on walls, or other unexplainable noises
  • objects moving or being thrown around by themselves
  • objects disappearing and reappearing
  • strange or unusual odors
  • occasional levitation
  • physical attacks

What brings a poltergeist to haunt someone?

It’s generally thought that poltergeists aren’t normal “spirits,” but rather psychic manifestations of stress or anxiety, often that of a teenager. In other words, when exploring a paranormal explanation, poltergeist activity is often attributed to psychokinesis, or the ability to affect physical objects with one’s mind.

Rational Explanations

Of course, there’s always the possibility that poltergeists are not paranormal, but rather explainable natural events. So-called poltergeists may actually be people acting out for whatever reason. Other possible natural explanations include:

  • infrasound
  • air currents
  • vibrations caused by underground water currents
  • sonic booms by aircraft passing overhead
  • electromagnetic disturbances
  • seismic activity
  • ball lightning

Famous Poltergeist Cases

whatever you believe, there have been many strange cases over the years. Here are a couple of the more reknowned ones:

The Enfield Poltergeist

In 1977, a family living in a rented home in Enfield, England experienced moving furniture and unexplainable tapping on the walls. This activity escalated into demonic noises and one of the children, 11-year-old Janet Hodgson, allegedly levitating. She also appeared possessed by an entity calling himself Bill Wilkins, however, indicating that this may not have been a poltergeist, but rather a demonic possession.

Rosenheim Poltergeist

In 1967, parapsychologist Hans Bender investigated claims that poltergeist activity — exploding light fixtures, moving furniture, and electrical malfunctions — had occurred at a law office in Rosenheim, Bavaria. This he attributed to the “telekinetic powers” of the office’s secretary, 19-year-old Annemarie Schaberl.

What do you think – can these happenings be explained away by science or must it be something more supernatural?

Either way – it keeps your mind ticking over!

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