Ship Found 90 Years After Disappearing in Bermuda Triangle

Is This the SS Cotopaxi which vanished in 1925?

In May 2015 Cuban officials spotted a ship floating close to a restricted military zone. After several attempts to contact the crew, they sent 3 patrol boats to intercept.

Upon reaching it the mystery deepened; they found the ship was nearly 100 years old and was identified as the Cotopaxi, which was notoriously linked to the Bermuda Triangle having gone missing there 90 years previously.


The was no-one on board, and the logbook found in the Captain’s cabin made no mention of the ship’s activities over the last 90 years.

Originally the ship had set sail transporting coal with a crew of 32, and was reported missing two days later. The logbook is believed to be authentic, but what happened on board the Cotopaxi 90 years ago looks to remain a mystery for now….

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