Scientists Stunned by Accurate Star Map Drawn by Claimed Alien Abductee

Is This Proof 50 Years After the Event?

Betty Hill’s claims that she had been abducted by aliens were largely dismissed 50 years ago, but new discoveries of space constellations have since emerged that mirror the star map that she drew at the time showing where the aliens were from.

Scientists have recently come forward saying that the distinctive alignment of key stars in the Zeta Reticuli match those of a drawing she made at the time. In the 1960’s when the alleged abduction took place, this constellation had not been discovered so her drawings at the time were considered meaningless.

This has led to some now saying that she MUST have been abducted by aliens to be able to produce the star map to such accuracy.


Back in 1961 Barney & Betty Hill claimed to have seen an oval craft hovering over them near Lancashire, New Hampshire.

Their next memory was arriving at their house, with over 3 hours of time unaccounted for in their journey.

Under hypnosis they described the events of their abduction, including various tests the aliens had performed on them and she reproduced the star map drawing which is now causing such a stir.


“First they put me on a stool and they checked my eyes, ears, nose, throat. They put me on a table, and said they wanted to check my nervous system.

“Then they tried to insert a needle-like instrument in my navel which caused pain so they stopped doing it. Barney’s exam was very much like mine in the beginning except they were interested in his bone structure.”

Betty also remembered a conversation with ‘The Leader’ in which she asked where the extra terrestrials had come from. “I said ‘I know you’re not from this planet but where are you from?’ He showed me a star map indicating where he came from’.

Statistician David Saunders argues that the accuracy of her sketch is too good to have happened by chance, and the only other explanation  is that she was telling the truth about her alien abduction.

Betty Hill died in 2004.

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