“Have I Died???” Taxi Drivers Picked Up Ghost Passengers after Japan Tsunami

After Japan Tsunami, Ghost Passengers Trying To Get Home were picked up by Taxi Drivers

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there’s no denying that the accounts told by seven Japanese taxi drivers shortly after the devastating tsunami of 2011 are enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine.

All hailing from Ishinomaki, an area in Japan where 6,000 people died in the 30-foot-high waves, they claim to have picked up ghost passengers, as reported by the Telegraph.


In all cases, the ghost passengers got in the cab, stated their destination, and then vanished, leaving their fare unpaid.

Their stories are both eerie and heart-wrenching.

One driver said he picked up a woman in a coat in early summer, several months after the tsunami.

“Please go to the Minamihama (district),” the woman said.

He told her the area was empty — it had been devastated by the tsunami. Then, she asked a very strange question in a shaking voice.

“Have I died?”

The question was enough to make the driver turn to look in the back seat, but no one was there.

Another taxi driver recalls a man in his 20s who got into his cab. He asked the man for his destination and the ghost passenger said “Hiyoriyama,” which means mountain. When they arrived, the man disappeared.

Are these stories merely illusions? Perhaps, but all who talked about ghost passengers started their meters once the riders enter their cab; this meter is recorded, and if the fare isn’t paid by the passenger then the driver himself has to stump up. Some had recorded the experience in their logs, and one had a report that proved his unpaid fare.

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So, could this be the actions of the very recently dead, who some how didn’t realise that they hadn’t made it? If you haven’t made you mind up quite yet you can read more here: After Japan Tsunami, Taxi Drivers Picked Up Ghost Passengers Trying To Get Home

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