Former Defense Minister says Aliens Have Been Visiting Earth for Thousands of Years

Paul Hellyer believes there are 80 different species of Aliens among us…

Paul Hellyer, a former Defence Minister for Canada has declared on Russian TV that aliens are already walking round amongst us, and we could walk past them in the street and not realise.

He also claimed that they were refusing to share their advanced knowledge with us until we changed our polluting and warring ways. And if we were to shoot down an alien craft we’d face intergalactic warfare.

Is this just the blabbering of an elderly man who has possibly lost his marbles – or is there more to it that that? In his position of Defence Minister he will have been privy to all sorts of information that your average civilian can’t get hold of… and he does appear to be completely with it in the interview.

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Watch the video interview and see what you think!

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