CIA Release UFO ‘X-Files’

CIA shares investigations into UFOs from 1940s to 1950s

The Central Intelligence Agency recently posted documents containing reports that were made of Unidentified Flying Objects from the 1940s to the 1950s.

Examples include the case of a flying saucer in Germany in 1952…

According to the documents, an eyewitness told investigators that an object “resembling a huge flying pan” landed in a forest clearing in the Soviet zone of Germany in 1952. The eyewitness said once he was closer to the area where it landed, he saw two men dressed in shiny metallic clothing. The men were stooped over looking at a large object but were spooked by the eyewitness. The mysterious men jumped into the large flying pan object and it spun out into the sky.

“The whole object then began to rise slowly from the ground and rotate like a top,” the eyewitness told the CIA.

The man told a judge he thought he was dreaming but said there was a circular imprint on the ground where the object had landed.

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For the more skeptical amongst you there are also details of the outcome of the investigations which largely dispel the chance of them being alien visitors… but it makes interesting reading nevertheless.

To see the published cases and to learn how to investigate your own sightings, check out the CIA blog.

Read more here Take a peek into the CIA’s ‘X-Files’ –

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