Survival Skills We Lost To History – And When You Will Need Them!

It’s scary how badly people are prepared for even the smallest event…

If the shops shut tomorrow, how long do you think you’re current food stock would last? If the electricity went down, how would you heat yourself, communicate or cook? How long would your water remain drinkable?

The fact is that virtually everyone is woefully prepared for even the smallest of events, and we are so reliant on modern day ‘luxuries’ such as electricity we would quickly find ourselves lost without it.

Ever had your electricity off for a day? It’s a real pain. But what if it went off for a week, a month or even longer??

You’d have to make some serious adaptations to the way you live your life, according to Claude Davis.

(If you haven’t heard of Claude Davis yet do yourself a huge favor and watch this video).

So, what can you do? 

The threat of Alien invasions are currently mostly linked with Hollywood blockbusters,  but surely it’s naive to think we’re the only intelligent life in the universe?

Do you think that advanced aliens would come all the way to Earth to just say hello? Or is it more likely that they’d require our resources and we’d just be in the way….

Whilst alien attacks may seem a little far fetched in our day to day lives; a more urgent threat is that of the EMP.

Electromagnetic Pulses (EMPs) have recently reemerged as non-nuclear e-bombs that silently attack electricity. A burst of energy that kills electronic circuits within a blast radius, an EMP could knock out a power grid if it were large enough. That could send a major city back to the Stone Age within minutes.


Peter Fry, director of a congressional commission named the EMP taskforce has been noted as saying that “nine out of ten Americans could die from starvation, disease and societal collapse, if the blackout lasted a year”, and that EMPs are now deemed as the most significant threat to American security.

The US Military have already begun moving some of it’s more critical equipment into bunkers to shield it from EMPs.

They aren’t our only worry, nearly every day a new strain of virus breaks out, crazy weather hits around the globe, rising sea levels threaten more and more places, acts of terrorism and war wreak devastation and solar flares could strike at any moment.

There’s a serious amount of SHTF scenarios. Any or all of these have the potential to send a few or send many back a couple of hundred of years in the blink of an eye.

So, what can you do to protect yourself, and protect your family and loved ones? 

Claude Davies from believes he has the answers, and its all about learning how our older generations lived their day-to-day lives 150 years ago. The forgotten arts of self-preservation from before electrical power, before refrigeration, before computers, before Walmart.

It’s not difficult, but you do need the knowledge… and if the internet has already gone down, where do you get that knowledge?

His whole ethos is that you ‘Shouldn’t take anything for granted’ because it can change in a second and you need to be able to adapt, quickly. It’s literally a matter of life or death.

He’s created a guide called ‘The Lost Ways‘ which teaches exactly what you’d need to do to ensure you can survive without electricity, without clean water, without shop bought food through famine, wars, economic crises and pretty much anything else life can throw at you when you least expect it.


It’s compiled of chapters from a huge range of different experts in many fields, and covers anything you’d need to know to make sure you and your nearest and dearest thrive and survive when the world around you is in chaos.

Forward-thinking buyers have been snapping this guide up in droves, and now he’s dropped the price from $124 to just $37 making it affordable to everyone.  It’s a very limited time deal so make sure you don’t miss out.

Would you know what you’d have to do if the worst happened? Can you afford not to?



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