5 Secret Signals From Space Yet To Be Decoded

Could they be from Aliens??

Despite how far science has come, there are myths and mysteries that remain largely unsolved; space is huge and so are its secrets. Here are 5 incredibly mysterious signals we got from space which still baffle us even today.

1. Lurimar bursts
They were found when astronomers were analyzing the data they found from the Parkes radio telescope back in 2007. Research showed that the signals passed through an intergalactic medium as the highest frequency waves were first to arrive. The amount of energy was massive and equated to as much as the sun would release in 4 months! Can you imagine that? The origin is still unknown.

2. Phantom cosmonauts
Yuri Gagarin was the first human to actually journey into outer space when his spacecraft completed earth’s orbit on 12th April, 1961. There were researchers who claimed that earlier spaceships had left but never managed to come back. The Judica- Cordiilglia brother duo that said they heard radio communication from the Secret Soviet Space missions. But…. they heard it nearly 4 months before Gagarin’s flight. Interesting coincidence?

3. Cosmic roar
In another experiment, a giant balloon was raised above the earth so as to get some signs of heat from the stars of the universe, it detected a mysterious roar of comic radio noise. The origin of the noise still remains unexplained.

4. Radio source SHG602+ 14A
SETI astronomers had suggested back in 2003 that the Arecibo radio telescope was the best bet to receive signals for extraterrestrial intelligence. It observed a signal a total of 3 times at frequency of 1420 MHz. It is believed this was from within the energy band where extraterrestrial life could exist.

5. Wow signal
On August 15th, 1977 the SETI project found a really strong radio signal. This signal was discovered by Jerry R. Ehman and he circled the printout of the signal and wrote “wow”. Every digit actually represented the intensity of the radio signal and the digits above 9 were represented by letters. The signal kept on increasing its intensity and became 30 times louder than the noise of deep space.

These 5 signals have baffled mankind – maybe we’re just not advanced enough yet to decipher them?

Check out this vid for more details of these baffling mysteries which continue to keep the scientists awake…


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