5 of the Scariest Ghosts Caught on CCTV

Chilling Videos of Ghosts Caught on CCTV

If you can get past the weird ‘automated telephone voice’ narration (although this does add to the creepiness!), this is a great vid showing some very odd happenings caught on CCTV from different places around the world.

With CCTV becoming more and more prevalent in our somewhat ‘big brother’ society we can only assume that videos of these eerie, ghostly phenomena will continue to be on the rise.

They’re all great but we like number 2 the best – especially what happens when she tries to get out of the room – freaky!

5 ghostly events from 4 different countries; from floating tea bags to moving office chairs…. which one gets you the most?

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You need to see this vid!

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