5 Of The Best Ghost Photos Ever Taken

Spirits Photobombing or Tampered Pics – You Decide!

4) Grandpa Returns


This was taken by Denise Russell’s sister in 1997 of their Grandmother at a retirement home, and when developed it shows a man behind her who the sisters believe to be the spirit of their Grandfather who had died 13 years earlier. Check out the photo below – is that the same man? He certainly looks to have very similar features!

This has got to be our favorite of this selection!


5) Ghost in the Back Seat


Mabel Chinnery went to visit her mother’s grave with her father, and took this pic of him in his car. In the back seat you can make out a figure, which she insists is the ghost of her mother.

So, there we have it – our top 5 ghost photobombers. If you liked these head over here for a few more unexplained pics!


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