5 Of The Best Ghost Photos Ever Taken

Spirits Photobombing or Tampered Pics – You Decide!

The problem of ghost photos nowadays is that it’s so easy to add things in to pictures through photoshop and the like that even if you had a genuine pic, no one would believe you!

Here are 5 of the best potential ghost photos ever taken from long before the time photo editing software was around. Sure, darkroom tamperings could occur, but these pictures have famously been expertly examined and are considered to be genuine.

Ghost stories are not something to be scoffed at; paranormal happenings are experienced every day by some of the most credible people, so have a look at these and see what you think….

1) The Phantom Pilot


This lady was posing for a photo in an old helicopter in Somerset, England. At the time of the pic she was the only person in the helicopter, although she recalls she felt cold in there, despite it being a warm day. When the photo was developed a ghostly pilot figure can clearly be seen in the seat next to her.

2) The Amityville Horror


Possibly the most famous of our 5, this is a photo from the renowned house in Amityville from when the Lutz family lived there. The house had previously been home to the DeFeo family, until 23 year old Robert DeFeo had murdered both his parents and his four brothers and sisters.

The Lutz family lived there for a hellish 28 days before abandoning the property, and this picture was discovered 3 years later from the film of a camera which had been set to automatic to try and capture the spooky goings on. Their experiences in the property spawned the famous fictional Amityville Horror franchise.

This picture is believed to be the ghost of one of the murdered DeFeo children.

3) The White Lady Healer of Worstead Church


This ghost is said to be a healer who visits those in poor health. Here, a lady called Diane was ill and was captured praying on camera. When the photo was developed a ghostly white figure can be made out behind her… there was no one sat there at the time.

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